Dear Customer

Thank you for choosing Camper Iceland. Your Iceland holiday is coming up soon and we would like to prepare you as much as possible before your trip to Iceland. To make your trip as easy as possible we have set up easy steps for you that keep you informed. 

If you are really busy please do at least these 2 things

  1. Please read your travel document found in step 1 online. Our travel documents are famous for helping customers to prepare for Iceland.  Go to the travel document by clicking here. 
  2. Please finish the pre checkin and save up to 30 minutes in Iceland. You receive an email 20 days before the rental with the link on the bottom of the mail. You can also access the pre check in tool in step 2 as many times as you want. Please read this mail to get more information about this. Go to the Check In tool by clicking here

Better preparation will be achieved by reading this

You can always find the steps especially during the trip by visiting our webpage. Keep reading to see why you should know about these steps. 


  • Save up to 30 minutes by checking in
  • Prepare before going to Iceland
  • Get to know our product
  • The steps are reachable during the trip
  • Find useful information during the trip
  • Save time by doing a check in before the trip

Pre Check In

Please fill out all your date including drivers license number and a phone number where you are reachable during the trip. We might need to call you because of weather forecasts etc. If you have filled out all data our team only needs to verify the drivers license and the credit card details to check you in instead of entering all the data manually while you and other customers wait. On a busy day this can save you up to 30 minutes.

How are the steps built

Our aim was to make a logical order so you can alway check what is upcoming during the trip. We want to make your vacation experience great and we invite you to be part of the Camper Iceland team. Work with us during all the steps. F.e. when landing in Keflavik (int. Airport) check the step 4 (To the rental station). We often experience that the driver cannot find the customer and then both get disappointed. Or if you are already on the road and you have a small accident or any other issue remember that we have a step 7: During trip… Here you can find the link to our support page. 

We wish you all the best and thanks for being part of the team.