Important Information for 2020 travelers

Welcome to a special page during special times. We aim to keep the page updated to provide the newest information on how to travel to and from Iceland in 2020. 

Are you a traveler on your way to iceland

You need the tracing app and to fill out a form in order to enter Iceland. Please visit the FAQ section to find the links and information from the Icelandic government. 

The best way to travel

In a Camper or Motor Home you are able to avoid crowds. The Icelandic government has issued rules how to travel when you are in Iceland.  We are happy about our governments decision to keep all travelers save. 

Camp Grounds are open

The campgrounds opened early this year due to the fact that many Icelanders decided to stay in Iceland this year. The government issued rules that apply to tourism this year.  

Free COVID test when arriving in Iceland

The Icelandic government offers a free of charge COVID Test upon arrival in Iceland. Children born in 2005 and later do not need to get tested. The test is free until the end of June and after that it will cost approx 100 EUR or 9.000 icelandic Krona (ca. 58 €).

Cook yourself & save money

One of the great things about a camper is that you can cook yourself. You can go shopping in the local stores and profit from far better rates then going to a Restaurant. 

Iceland is open and no Quarantine needed

All passengers that arrive after the 15th of June will not need to go to quarantine anymore. The two-week quarantine was partially the only available option. If you still wish to go to quarantine instead of taking the COVID Test you can. 

Hygiene standard

Our vehicles are rented out 13 days average to 5 -8 customers per year. In a Hotel the guest change daily or 75 – 104 times during the same period. Needless to say a camper is a great way to travel. 


Especially in times like this we recommend staying informed. Our team sends out news directly from Iceland and normally we are the quickest way to find out what is really going on. At the same time we inform about special deals and interesting news from our company. 

What we Do

Camper Iceland is open

Visit Iceland

Perhaps one of a few years in the history of tourism where the sites are almost empty. 

Contact free pick up 

You can use our pre checkin system to sign all contracts and add all extras. The instruction can be watched on YouTube. 

More information

As usual Camper Iceland provides the best information service on the market. Including the translation of the latest news in the travel industry. Scoll down for more information..

Camper Iceland recommends

Please read this carefully

Updated information

Visit the website The Directorate of Health and The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management are responsible for this website. You find all the information on COVID here. 

Buy a travel insurance

We offer travel insurances on our website or you can check with your local insurance company. Check the small print whether the insurer refunds if Iceland gets locked down (considered highly unlikely at the moment). 


Please read the frequently asked questions to find solutions on traveling in 2020

General Information

Dear Customer, dear Guest

Camper Iceland is a strong brand. Not everybody survived the crisis in 2008 and two volcanic eruptions incl. Eyjafjallajökull to say the least. We follow the tourism standards and our policy is comparable with other brands. Let's get through this crisis together folks!

We understand that this is a difficult time for everybody. It is difficult for you, for our employees, for our family and for the company. Everything that is happening right now was probably not caused by you or us. We must rely on our governments to decide the right thing to do. All we can do is follow these rules and hope for a bright future.

Lately we have been reading much promising news that things are going back to normal. Hence, we recommend to everybody to remain calm, and we hope to see you soon.

On this page we try to gather information from the local government and point out what it means in terms of a booking with us. The information is based on research that we do the web. We cannot be held responsible if our interpretation is wrong or outdated.

Arriving in Iceland - Iceland is open
  • The Government has today announced that all passengers arriving in Iceland from 15 June can choose to be tested for COVID-19 (free of charge for an initial two-week period) or quarantine for two weeks. From 1 July, passengers will pay ISK 9 000 for a single test (ca. 58 €). Children born in 2005 or later are exempt from both testing and quarantine.

    Furthermore, the Chief Epidemiologist has today published information for all passengers arriving in Iceland from 15 June. Testing will be available at Keflavik airport and for passengers arriving in other international airports or ports. Travelers will be required to fill out a pre-registration form before arrival, adhere to rules regarding infection control and are encouraged to download the tracing app, Rakning C-19.

    “The intention is to safeguard the progress we have made so far when travelers start returning to Iceland” Chief Epidemiologist Thorolfur Gudnason said in a previous statement. “Throughout the pandemic, we have aimed for moderate but targeted measures based on the best available information. Primary schools have remained open and no lockdowns have been imposed. Now that there are almost no cases in Iceland, we see this as a normal next step as the world is slowly opening up to travel again.”

    There are currently two active cases in Iceland, eight cases were diagnosed in May and none so far in June. Iceland will continue its strategy of rigorous testing and contact-tracing and all mechanisms that have proven successful in dealing with the pandemic so far remain in place in case the number of cases rises again.

    Information for travelers published today by the Chief Epidemiologist.

    Further information will also be available shortly at the COVID-19 information portal

Safe time - Get the mandatory APP

Contagion tracing is a community affair

The contract tracing app Rakning C-19 is an important link in the chain of response to COVID-19. The app helps to analyse individuals’ travel and trace their movements against those of other people when cases of infection or suspected infection arise.

The more people who download the app, the more useful the information that can be analysed from it. Rakning C-19 is available for Android and iOS devices and is open to all.

Be a strong link in the chain.

We are all members of Iceland’s civil protection and emergency management team.

To read more about protection of personal data

App storeGoogle play
Details about the app:
Safe time - Fill out the FORM
This form is mandatory for all travelers domestic and forreign when arriving in Iceland. 
HAVING ISSUES: I booked with a travel agency or online broker

Please contact them for further details

Camper Iceland has been in contact with agents all over the world. It seems that the approach is different depending on what country you are from or where the agent is based. Hence, we cannot make any statements in regard to your flights, package deal or any cancellation policies. We recommend contacting the agent directly to find a solution. 

HAVING ISSUES: I booked a flight with an airline

Please contact the airline for further instructions

To check the status of your flight or to change the flight we recommend contacting the airline you booked with. If you booked a flight through a travel agent please read the section above. 

HAVING ISSUES: I have to cancel the trip - I can't make it


We highly recommend finding another flight solution if your airline have cancelled the flight. If you can't find a solution please contact your travel insurance company to check if it covers a cancellation. If you did not buy a separate travel insurance in your country check with your insurer and credit card company if you have one there. 


From our experience an airline will only refine the flight if it can't take place. Sometimes you are offered a coupon or voucher, in a case like that check the local laws and regulations if you have to accept it or not. 

Travel Agencies and third party

If you did not book through us please check the agents conditions. Sometimes if you booked a package deal (flight and camper) the travel agency has to refine the whole trip if it cannot take place. However, that depends entirely on the local laws and regulations. Also check with your travel insurance. If you did not buy a separate travel insurance in your country check with your insurer and credit card company if you have one there.

Change booking dates

Camper Iceland did provide an option to change the booking date while there was uncertainty about flight or governmental restrictions in entering the country. Since then the government has informed about the approach (see above).

In accordance to our conditions a change of dates is not possible. Please cancel the booking and rebook. 

Cancellation policy

Please visit our condition page for more information..



Read it here first! Camper Iceland is on the lookout for information directly from Iceland. Even if we find news in Icelandic we aim to translate it as soon as possible and post it. 

COVID-19 testing will be cheaper then expected

COVID-19 testing will be cheaper then expected

Price for border screening decreases We informed earlier that since the 15th of June everybody that visits Iceland has to choose between being tested for COVID-19 or to go to quarantine for two weeks. In our opinion the test makes more sense as it takes place right...

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Camper Iceland during COVID-19

Camper Iceland during COVID-19

@arontphotos, thank you for this wonderful video. It shows our country during a time we all wished we could be in Iceland and enjoying one of the last places on earth were nature rules the earth. "When The Winds Of Change Blow, Some People Build Walls, Others Build...

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Iceland open from today & Puffins found 20km away from ocean

Iceland open from today & Puffins found 20km away from ocean

We decided to send out some positive vibes from Iceland. As we reported before Iceland offers a free of charge COVID-19 test upon arrival in June. The first airplane arrived today at 09:35. It came from London and brought 100 travelers to Iceland. One hour later the...

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Stay informed and join our newsletter

Stay informed and join our newsletter

We inform about important updates directly from Iceland. Our team has been known for translating news and keeping our audience informed. One of the best ways to keep updated is to join our newsletter. Next to important news we also send out special offers or if there...

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Iceland to Open Borders on June 15

Iceland to Open Borders on June 15

Iceland will open its borders to all travellers no later than June 15 and give them the option to take a coronavirus test at Keflavík International Airport on their way into the country. The country’s Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir announced this and other...

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Instructions for tourists 2020

Instructions for tourists 2020

Before arriving in Iceland Iceland's borders have remained open to other EU and Schengen states throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, under the condition that passengers quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. Iceland will continue to implement the travel restrictions...

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Quarantine until 15th of May 2020

Quarantine until 15th of May 2020

If you are traveling to Iceland before the 15th of May and wondering how the 14 day quarantine is handles. Here is an instruction from our authorities. Click here for the PDF file..

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„Only“ two corona cases in Iceland

„Only“ two corona cases in Iceland

According to the local newspaper only two new cases of COVID were detected in the last 24 hours. Read the article here.. Iceland is still open for travelers and believe it or not the sights are almost empty. A scene we have not seen since the 80ies or 90ies or if you...

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Season Start Soon and good news

Season Start Soon and good news

Dear Camper Iceland friends We have started to fetch our fleet from the garage and are getting ready for the seasons. Here is a picture from the first 4 of over 80 vehicles that got to see the daylight. The travel business has been facing really difficult times....

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Iceland has a population of approx 350.000. 23.640 tests have been made. 11.679 finished their self-isolation vs. 5275 are still in self-isolation. Positively testes COVID cases are 1.417 and 396 have recovered. 11 people are in the hospital and 4 have lost their...

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As of 20 March 2020, foreign nationals - except EU/EEA, EFTA or UK nationals - are not allowed to enter Iceland. This advice is valid until 17 April 2020. Please see updated travel restrictions to Iceland here. Tourists traveling to Iceland do not need to go into...

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COVID Information from Iceland

COVID Information from Iceland

Camper Iceland just added a COVID related information page. Our aim is to inform what is going on in Iceland at the moment. Visit our page regularly to see updated on the topic. We will also share the news to our social media channels. The page is here:...

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