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Insurance Video


During the online booking experience you will be asked to choose an insurance option.


Included in rental rate


10 € per day


29€ per day


49 € per day

Self Risk Comparison

The Self Risk is always 364.000 ISK with the exception mentioned in this table. Choose what components you want to insure or take the risk of paying the full damage. The self risk is stipulated by Icelandic Law and in accordance to the insurance companies terms and conditions. 

Reduce Self Risk

Are you interested in lowering the Self Risk to 0 €

https://i0.wp.com/www.campericeland.is/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/excessguarantee.jpg?resize=980%2C316&ssl=1The self risk is stipulated by the Icelandic insurance company. In order to offer you a better way to travel without the fear of having to pay a large self risk we proudly present the Excess Guarantee by the European Travel Insurance. Only available for online bookings with Nordic Tours. Bookable only before departure. This is a separate insurance please book it and read more about it here


Insurance explained

F.e. If you hit another car by accident within the conditions of the rental agreement. The self risk of such an accident will be 200 € per incident. If you get hit by another car and it’s not your fault (determined by the insurance company) you will not have to pay any self risk. The other vehicles insurance would in such a case cover your vehicle.

If you damage the vehicle or hit another car damaging the own vehicle as well the KASKO can lower the self risk tremendously. If this option is not chosen you will have to pay up to the full value of the vehicle. Interior
If the interior of the vehicle gets damaged f.e. tables, doors, handles, stoves, radio etc.

Sand and ash
It covers damages caused by sand (f.e. sand storms) and ash.

Common damage in Iceland is a broken windshield. A damaged windshield can cost 160.000 ISK. By choosing the right CDW you can lower the self risk.

Gravel Protection
Common damage is a small crack in the paint caused by gravel (small stones).



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