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These new instructions were issued by the Icelandic authorities on the 2nd of May 2020. The original is in Icelandic and can be found here: Original instructions in PDF Format.. The Instructions apply for Camp Grounds, Caravan Grounds, Cabins, Huts, small Guest Houses, guided Tours and outdoor activities.The rules have been translated by Camper Iceland. We cannot be hold responsible for translation errors, hence the original Icelandic version is valid.


Instructions for all travelers

  1. Guest May not enter camp grounds, in huts or guided tours if they:
  • Are in quarantine
  • Are in isolation (same goes if the guest is waiting for the result of a test)
  • Have been in isolation because of a COVID-19 infection and 14 days since released from isolation have not past
  • Have symptoms (Cough, flue, high temperature, fever, headache, bone ache (bone pain), tiredness, stomach ache, diarrhea etc.)

2. The caretaker cleans and disinfects common area and areas that can be touched min. twice a day.
3. From the 4th of May 2020 a maximum of 50 persons may be in one common area. The area can be in- and outdoors, Camp grounds must be divided up in accordance to this rule.
4. People must honor and follow the 2-meter rule (2-meter distance between humans or 6.56168 feet)
5. Access to had soap and disinfectant must be provided.
6. Limit the contact to other travelers especially groups as possible

Instructions for Camp Grounds

the rules apply for camp ground and all persons traveling in tents, tent caravans, caravans, campers, Motor homes and RV etc.)

  1. A Camp Ground must not host more than 50 travelers unless its possible to divide them into certain sections. The 2-meter distance rule must be possible at all times and 2 toilets with a hand cleaning station must be available per section. The same goes for swimming pools / hot pots etc. if available.
  2. If a swimming pool or hot pot area is available it is necessary to device groups into sections. (F.e. one section is open for half a day and another secion is open the second half of the day)
  3. The caretaker cleans and disinfects all areas that are touched with the hands a minimum of twice a day and points out to visitors how to follow the rules.
  4. We honor the 2-meter rule and the care taker must point out that the 2-meter distance between humans applies at all times. F.e. receptions, faucets, dish washing, toilets and showers etc.
  5. A minimum distance of 4 meters (157.48 inch or 13.28084 feet) must be between tents, trailers, caravans, campers, Motor Homes, RV etc. this rule does not apply to families or persons that travel together).
  6. Toilets and Showers:
    1. Install disincentive material to allow customers to disinfect all touchable areas such as f.e. door knobs or other areas. (The name of the Icelandic disinfectant is sprit or virkon)
    2. Install distance pointers on the ground or any other way to help customers to follow the 2-meter rule.
    3. In places where toilets are to close together use every second toilet only.
  7. Kitchens and places where clients can eat food:
    1. Install soap and hand disinfectant at each faucet with instructions and ask visitors to clean the area well after using it.
    2. Follow the 2-meter rule. Ensure that customers can have 2 meters between them if not traveling together.
    3. Install pointers on walls or floors to guide customers (2-meter rule).
    4. All food must be removed from common areas such as coffee, tea, salt, pepper etc. Customers must not leave food behind for the next customer. An instruction about this must be installed at areas like this.
    5. If customers have access to kitchen utilities (knifes, forks, spoons etc.) they must clean them before and after usage.
    6. Trash must be put in a separate bag per tent/vehicle and disposed of.
  8. Other service:
    1. Again the 2-meter rule applies. Information about the rule must be installed (clean hands, distance etc.)
    2. Put markers on the floor to underline the 2-meter rule and hence help customers.
    3. Material to disinfect all areas that customers touch must be accessible.
    4. Remove all books, papers, playing cars, games etc.
    5.  Trash is put in a separate bag and disposed off.
  9. Little Houses on camp grounds are only rented to families or people traveling together.

Instruction for activities

An activity is f.e. driving, walking, hiking, bicycle, ATV, snowmobile, skiing, horse riding, sailing, climbing, cave visiting, glacier tours and similar.

  1. From the first of May 2020 a maximum of 50 persons may be in each group.
  2. Follow the 2-meter (6.56168 feet) rule that apply to all humans and the distance between them. This rule applies for the whole duration of the tour. Customers that travel as a family or together may share one vehicle. Special rules have been made for busses, ask your bus tour operator.
  3. If you travel on snow or where it is cold a minimum of 4 meters must be between customers.
  4. If many customers travel in one group the guide must maintain a distance to the group and prevent that in passages people get closer together.
  5. Operators must ask the customers to bring disinfectant in all tours and disinfect especially before eating food of any kind.
  6. In hiking tours a minimum of 2 meters must be between hikers. In cycling or running instances a minimum distance of 4 meters apply.
  7. If equipment is used together it must be cleaned between users (hammers, lights, axe, saddles, skis, clothing of any kind, googles, paintball or any other ball.
  8. If customers are required to sleep in tents a minimum of 4 meters must be between tents and only those that travel as friends, relatives or family stay in one tent.
  9. Do not share anything within the group (food, beverages or any other belonging)
  10. Put the trash in a bag, seal it and dispose of it.
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