Packing list for your trip to Iceland

Packing list for Iceland

The most important thing you need to know is that the weather in Iceland is unpredictable and changes all the time. You need to be prepared for sun, rain, wind and snow. We want to help you and will give you a few tips for your Packing list for Iceland.

The climate of Iceland is cold oceanic but more temperate than thanks to the North Atlantic Current. The average temperature during the winter is around 2°C in Iceland but it can be up to -10°C in different areas. During the summer, temperatures range between 12 – 26 °C.

It’s very important that you invest in good quality gear to keep you warm and dry. Don’t forget your sunglasses and swimsuits for your visit in Iceland because the Hot Pots await you!

It doesn’t matter what season you travel in you will need to wear layers to be warm, comfortable, and ready for any type of weather.

Pack a small backpack or day bag where you can throw all you gear into for day trips. You’ll probably need to carry a few things with you during the day like water bottles, camera, beanies, gloves, etc. and will need somewhere to put those things while you’re exploring waterfalls and volcanoes.

You will need to pack a sleeping mask if you travel during the summertime as it never gets dark at this time of the year. Instead of the Northern lights, you’ll be enjoying the Midnight sun!

You won’t need an umbrella: Iceland is windy and makes umbrellas useless. Better to choose extra rain clothing instead!

The water in Iceland is pure and of course drinkable too.

Bring a travel adapter with you to charge phone, laptops, etc. Iceland uses European plugs.

Things that you should definitely pack:

  • Fleece jacket / lightweight wool sweater
  • Rainproof / windproof jacket
  • Rain pants
  • Walking shoes with a good tread / grip
  • Gloves
  • Scarves
  • Hat (toque/beanie)
  • Swimsuit
  • Thermal underwear (specifically for highland travel/activities)
  • Waterproof hiking boots (specifically for highland travel/activities)
  • Warm socks (specifically for winter and highland travel/activities)
  • Sunglasses

Are you in the area of Myvatn? During summertime bring a insect repellent or fly masks/nets (especially useful for horse riding). We sell them also at our rental station (Camper Iceland).

A special note for horse riders

All gear, including the loan of boots, helmets and overalls, is provided for horse riding tours in Iceland. To protect Icelandic horses from serious diseases, it is strictly forbidden to bring any used horse riding gear or clothing from other countries to Iceland.