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Camper Iceland is the biggest motor home and camper rental station in Iceland with a couple of different vehicle types. 

We would like to give you an understanding of our types.


Our Fiat Ducatos meet the highest standards in the European motor home industry. These vehicles are exceptionally well equipped. A warm water boiler, heating system, stand alone shower, radio-CD player, mosquito nets, security nets for upper beds, etc. The fuel consumption is between 9-14l per 100 km and is one of the most economical way to travel around Iceland in your own hotel on wheels.


Camper Iceland changed all the jack up roof campers in 2008 and 2009. The newly hard side camper has grown to be the most popular vehicle in our fleet. No more jacking up the roof, loosing screws or unbuckle. The hard side camper stands alone and is fully equipped. A 2 way gas stove, heating system, large queen-size bed and a table that modifies to a third bed. Although the producer sells it for 4 persons we call it a 3 berth model. All our trucks are 4 door and 5 seats models (Dodge Ram 6 seats). A 4×4 camper is a perfect vehicle for people who want to be able to go into the highlands but due to its weight it should be driven carefully. The vehicle is awesome but should not been mistaken for a Fiat Ducato. The 4×4 is more something for rough, highland experienced drivers or first timers with a sense for it.


Camper Iceland is yet the only provider of this very fine group but what is the difference between a luxury camper and the “normal one”?

Vehicle (Truck)

The truck is based on the Dodge Ram 2500 Cummings Diesel or Ford F350 Powerstroke Diesel. The engine consumes less or similar to the normal 4×4 camper but is much stronger. All our trucks are 4 door and 5 seat models.


It is built for 4 adults although the lower bed is a bit smaller then the upper bed. Inside the camper you will find a toilet and a warm water boiler (some models are gas heaters and others 220 V). The vehicle is very heavy so it should be driven even slower than the normal 4×4 camper. Therefore the luxury camper is not only suitable for the highland but combines the high standard of a Fiat Ducato and the roughness of a 4×4 vehicle.