Freedom Camper EN


Our smart mini Camper category is called Freedom Camper. The motto is: Keep it simple. The large bed and economic vehicle make it finally possible to travel through our wonderful island without spending to much cash.

The vehicles offer 2 large drawers for your gear. As always you can leave your large bags at our rental station. Please check our Nordic Guest House in Keflavik for a nice stay before and after the rental. It’s located in the same building as where you will pick up and drop off the Freedom Camper.

On top of the drawers you will find a 200×130 – 140 cm bed (210cm space). Wow that’s really large! The vehicles heating system will keep you warm in cold nights.


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Furthermore our vehicle has:

  • length 4.2 m
  • Bed size: 200cm x 130-140cm
  • payload 550 kg
  • two rear wing doors standard
  • Age: 2004 – 2015 modells
  • partition separating loading from driving space
  • instruments with adjustable lighting
  • power steering
  • radio / CD
  • rear window heater
  • rear windshield wiper
  • side impact protection
  • safety steering column with collapsable steering wheel
  • two head restraints
  • three point seat belts
  • WEBASTO heating system to keep you warm during cold nights
  • Consumption: 5,2 – 6,8l
  • Cigarette lighter


The Freedom Camper is equipped with a Camping Kit:

-Bedlinen, blanket, pillow and towels for each passenger

-kitchen set (dishes, cutlery, pan, pot, bowls, cups, etc)

-1 portable gas cooker