EXTRAS  – Make your holiday comfortable



Make your holiday comfortable and add extra items like camping chair, camping table, GPS device and more. Looking for a morning coffee? Add the 220V coffeemaker or expresso maker to start your day with a coffee:-).

On this page you will find all explanations for our bookable extras. When booking online you will be able to choose them. We have added some videos to explain some of our extras. If you have any questions about extras feel free to contact sales.

Extras / Prices

Extras 2018/2019

Shuttle service options



Camping Card Iceland


With the Camping Card you can gain access to over 40 campsites around Iceland and save a considerable amount of money.

Valid for:

-2 adults, 4 children (<16 years old). If 3 or 4 adults are traveling together in one car, they need 2 Camping cards.
-Tent or Camper/Motorhome.
-Maximum of 28 days.
-Only for accommodation. (Pitches)
-Other services which the campsites are charging for it, you have to pay separately.
-The lodging tax will be 333 ISK per tent/camper and is not included in the Camping card.

We are happy to have the possibility to offer you this card at our rental station in Keflavik from beginning of may for 149 Euro. You will also receive a brochure where you can find all the campsites and Orkan tank stations. Furthermore you will find discount cards for petrol and diesel for 8 ISK per liter. Further information: Camping Card Iceland



First and last night at the Nordic Guest House

The nordic guest house was renovated 2013 and officially opened in the beginning of 2014. It makes a lot of sense using this wonderful accommodation because it is in the same building as our Camper Iceland Reception. Check out the twin and family rooms here: www.nordicguesthouse.is



If you are looking for a accommodation with private facilities, our travel agency would help you to find the right place for you.


Shuttle service

Shuttle Service Rates

In cooperation with our Taxi Partner you will be offered a special price for the shuttle to and from our rental station (30€/way). Please call the Taxi service directly or ask one of our employees to order one for you at the rental station. +354 420 1212

Airport VIP Pickup

Our Driver will await your arrival and hold a shield/tag with your name on it.  It is essential that we know your full name and flight number to provide the best service possible. Should your flight get delayed or moved forward please let our shuttle service know about it: +354 852 6231

Reykjanes Tour with private driver

In case you want to take a nice tour without the hassle of having to drive zourself we recommend the Reykjanes Tour. this service is extremelz popular for persons that leave on a late flight and want to drop of the vehicle inside our opening hours.

Nowhere on earth is the junction in the earth’s crust between the European and American tectonic plates as clearly visible as on the Reykjanes peninsula. The area is a veritable hotbed for recreational activities. The dramatic, rugged landscape features volcanic craters, caves, lava fields, geothermal waters and hot springs. Your driver will take you around our beautyful peninsula. The trip is planned in accordance to the date and time. An example of the trip:

The biggest attraction of Vikingworld our first stop is the magnificent Viking ship the Icelander built by the Icelandic ship builder Mr Gunnar Marel Eggertsson in 1996 who used an authentic ninth century viking ship as a model. He concentrated on using the same material and methods as the Vikings did. But Gunnar did not stop at that but took the Icelandair on a journey and sailed it to New York in 2000 as a part of the millennial celebration of Leifur Eiríksson’s journey to the New World. Next stop is the Bridge between the two Continents (Europe and America). Have you ever shook the hand of somene in Amercia from Europe? The coninental plates are somewhat amazing. Next stop is the the hot spring Gunnuhver and Reykjanestá, a tremendous shore in most south-west part of Iceland. The highlight of the Tour is the visit to the Blue lagoon. WELCOME TO ONE OF THE WONDERS OF THE WORLD. The Blue Lagoon is a unique experience – an unforgettable opportunity to energize with the forces of nature. Set in the pure heart of the Icelandic landscape, The Blue Lagoon is a truly special world. After this relaxing experiance we wil be heading back to Keflavík. Est. stop time: 20-30 per Sight and 2 hours at the Blue Lagoon

Camper Extras

Crash Damage Waiver CDW

Camper Iceland has a variety of insurance options. In cooperation with our sales team “Nordic tours” we offer a self risk guarantee (Excess guarantee). More informations about these options can be found here.

RV leveling blocks (wedge pair)

Leveling your vehicle can be really convenient. For example if your par on a field and just can’t seem to get the vehicle to stand straight. Everything is out of order, the bed is not straight, the kitchen is not straight making the oil run over on one side of the pan.


Camping Kit and Freedom Kit

The camping kit is mandatory and provides every passenger with everything you need to sleep (bedlinen, pillows, blankets and towels for each passenger). It also includes everything that you need for cooking (dishes, cutlery, cups, pans, pots, bowls, etc). If equipped with a gas bottle connector the Camping Kit comes with a gas bottle that you can return empty. The Freedom Kit is a bit smaller because it fits the vehicles size better. A propane cooker instead of the gas bottle makes much more sense.


Cleaning Kit

We also have a cleaning kit which you can book as an extra.

Second Gas Bottle (Motor Homes)

The second gas bottle is an optional feature  in our Camper 4×4 Luxury and Motor Homes. The other vehicle types do not have space for a secondary Gas Bottle unless you want to have it in your back seat, some people choose this option.

We have chosen the gas bottle for all our vehicles because it’s the most common gas bottle (LP) in Iceland.

Camping Table and Chairs

There is nothing as nice as being able to sit outside the RV and enjoy the nature. We strongly recommend this option.

BBQ Set (Grill, Charcoal, Liquid)

A small round shaped BBQ with everything you need to make a fire. Just make sure to put the ash on a safe place after using it. This option is extremely popular especially in combination with the fishing gear. Fresh Icelandic fish on the BBQ, there is nothing like it.

Coffee Maker 220V

A nice Filter Coffee maker to use at the camping sites.

Expresso Maker

An Italian style espresso maker to use on the gas heated stove.

Fishing Card & Fishing Gear


Fishing Card

The Fishing card is a very economic choice for fishermen and travelers. With this Icelandic fishing card you can fish almost as much as you like in 36 lakes all around Iceland.

Fishing Set Large

The larger set of two fishing set available. More then enough to go fishing in lakes, rivers and at the harbor. The set comes with a starter package of angles, spoons etc.

Fishing Set Medium

The medium fishing set especially made for kids and teenagers. The set is easier to handle and therefor very popular.

Sleeping Bag

In case you like to have a sleeping bag or you are allergic to feathers this option is available.

Toilet Paper

A must have! This toilet paper does not only provide a soft and nice feeling. It is also made for the septic tank and in combination with the toilet chemical it dissolves.

Toilet Chemical

This septic tank and toilet cassette chemical is as much a must have as the above described toilet paper. It kills all odor and dissolves your waste almost instantly.

The Playing kit

A set of different indoor and outdoor games : ball, cards, bocce, scratch ball, 20 Chalks, Bubbles, puzzle, freesbee, and 11 in 1 Game (Chess and other games boards). Have fun !

Child Seat

We provide Child seats in all categories. Camper Iceland is a family friendly company with a lot of experience in mounting seats in all types of vehicles. We recommend that you prebook this option.

Child Booster Seat

A child booster seat is similar to a cushion. A legally and safety important extra to get you r young ones to the right position for the seatbelt.

Baby Bed Foldable

The baby bed has been very popular to use both indoor and outdoor. Just make sure you have rented a vehicle that handles this option (Motor Homes and 4×4 campers).

Inverter (300W)

The inverter changes 12V into 220V with max. 300W (check your electrical equipment). The inverter is more then enough for lap tops, pads, phones, campers and more. The inverter should be used while driving because it uses a lot of electricity.


How will you navigate around Iceland? Why not with a GPS navigation system specially made for tourists.

WiFi Unit (10GB/day)

The WiFi unit (HOT SPOT) can be plugged into the cigarette lighter (12V) in order to charge it’s battery. During the trip you can connect (wifi) all your devices to it and surf the world wide web (10GB per day).


Toilet Cleaning

Did you forget to clean the septic tank and toilet. No worries, we do it for you for a extra fee.

End Cleaning

In case you run out of time or you want to return the vehicle without having to clean it for many hours we can do this for you. The vehicle must otherwise be returned as clean as you received it. Wit this option you only have to remove your belongings, brush out the floors and clean the outside in order for the drop of procedure to be possible (We cannot check the status of vehicles that are full of mud, dust and sand).

After Hour fee

Did you forget the time or is your flight outside our opening hours? No worries, we will appoint an employee to be there for you. Please make sure you make an appointment.