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Map to Camper Iceland

Our rental station is only 5 minutes away from the Airport. 


Reception Camper Iceland & Nordic Guest House

reception-3.jpgOur wonderful and brand new reception will take care of you from the minute you land in Iceland and until you leave our wonderful country. Our reception is at Vesturbraut 10a, 230 Reykjanesbær (Keflavik)

We offer:

  • Nordic Guest House in the same building
  • Childrens play corner
  • Free luggage storage
  • For free table (food from last camper customer)
  • Instruction on vehicle
  • Shop for extras
  • Private shower if needed


We provide all our customers with a bag for glass, cans and plastic bottles. Just bring them back from your trip and we will see to it’s proper return.

Opening hours

Our rental station is opened from 09:00 – 18:00 during the season (May until September). Please drop off the vehicle before 16:00 h. If dropped off later or picked up earlier a fee applies (please check our extras).


In case of emergency dial 112 for police or medic. Our team is available at +354 421 1933

About Us


Camper Iceland has always been a family organisation since we started in 2001. The market-leading brand has the largest fleet in Iceland with over 135 vehicles (approx. 500 Beds). The brand is part of Nordic Tours Online.


Our family business has become cosmopolitan. Our international team is responsible for the fleet and customer care during your travel.


We have been developing trips to Iceland since 1987 when our family founded the first Iceland Specialist Travel Agency in Switzerland. We have thus acquired an extensive expertise in the travel business. Having based ourselves on the features demanded by direct customers and large travel agencies, we have created innovative, user-friendly products that are now also available online.

Our keen knowledge of the travel industry has helped us develop solutions that answer the needs of today’s clients. In order to provide sensational products and help the environment we:

  • Have a wide brand of own products that we create with enthusiasm and love
  • Only work with certified and approved suppliers and agents
  • Recycle at all our stations, work paperless and with modern technologies
    The combination of travel and trip developing and having our own products make us a strong an reliable partner. Our oldest product dates back to 1933 when the famous road house Hreðavatnsskáli was built. Icelandic service for over 84 years.

Our Company is divided into several sectors and employs approx. 35 persons during the summer season.