Camping Card

Camping Card Brochure

The Camping Card

With the Camping Card you can gain access to 41 campsites around Iceland and save a considerable amount of money. Please note that it’s not valid for all campsites around Iceland. Please consult the brochure to check.

Valid for:

  • 2 adults, 4 children (<16 years old). If 3 or 4 adults are traveling together in one car, they need 2 Camping cards.
  • Tent or Camper/Motorhome.
  • Maximum of 28 days.
  • Only for accommodation. (Pitches)
  • Other services which the campsites are charging for it, you have to pay separately.
  • The lodging tax will be 333 ISK per tent/camper and is not included in the Camping card.

Important: The Camping Card is not valid without signature of the owner.

We are happy to have the possibility to offer you this card at our rental station in Keflavik from beginning of May 2019 until the end of August 2019 for 159 Euro. You will also receive a brochure where you can find all the campsites and Orkan tank stations. Furthermore you will find discount cards for petrol and diesel for 8 ISK per liter.