Go Shopping

You have been instructed how to use our vehicle. Did you make sure to add all extras that you need and choose the proper insurance package. You feel that you know the vehicle and how to operate everything and you have checked that everything was provided and works. Well… then let’s go shopping at the local store. One of the biggest advantage of our service is that you can cook your own food in a Motor Home or Camper and safe a lot of money. Still we recommend trying the Restaurants in Iceland, especially in Reykjavik. 


There is a 24H shop just around the corner of our Rental Station in case you arrive late or to early.

Supermarket / Cheap

The cheapest stores in Iceland would be and are both located in Keflavik such as around Iceland



More advanced

The more advanced stores would be:



Bakery and Shopping Malls

There are several bakeries in Iceland, check it on Google Maps. You will find a bakery just about 300m from our rental station.

When it comes to shopping you can walk the main street of Keflavík called Hafnargata 100m from our rental station. The far more advanced option is called Laugavegur and is located in Reykjavík. We also have two large shopping malls in Iceland. One is called Kringlan and one is called Smáralind

Outdoor stuff and Car Stuff

if you are looking for outdoor stuff try a place called Útilíf. When it comes to car stuff like shovels, ropes, 12V stuff and cool gear check bilanaust. We also have 3 large construction stores called Byko, Húsasmiðjan and Bauhaus

Gas Stations / Delivery / Around Iceland

In Iceland we are really fond of Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. Almost every Gas Station has Coffee, Burgers, Hot Dogs and other Snacks. We are also know for a big variety of Pizzaþdelivery.