Vehicle Instruction

Welcome to our Rental Station


After a long trip you have finally arrived at the rental station. Please be patient because this step is really important for your vacation. Look around the reception for extras and make sure you add a proper insurance option if you have not done so already. Once you have received the vehicle check if everything works and that you have everything you need. Get rid of stuff that you do not need f.e. we have a luggage room if you do not wish to carry on heavy luggage during the trip. Ask your instructor how the weather will be and if necessary adapt your travel plans to follow the good weather. Also check all appliance to avoid having to drive back to the rental station. The steps will be:

Contract & Extras

It’s time to find an instructor that will enter your details into our reservation system. Add all extras and ask for insurance options. We even offer a self risk insurance and many people have thanked us for inspiring them to buy one. Once you have been instructed on how to drive in Iceland, the weather in Iceland, where you can camp etc. it’s time to learn how to use the vehicle. 

Vehicle Instruction

We trust that you have watched the instruction video from your home. The videos can be found here.  If not don’t worry, we have a tablet and instructor ready for you. In short terms we will show you all external features and internal features of a Motor Home / Camper. It is essential that you try all equipment while at the rental station. Explaining how things work will become difficult on the phone. However we do have instruction videos about almost anything. 

Link to our Support (the access code is in your travel documents)