We are still fortunate enough to confirm that we are not affected by the Coronavirus. Here in Iceland we are uncertain what to think about this matter. On one side people say that this is a media feast that has but one goal, to make you feel bad. On the other side people do not want to be affected or get ill. Some say that a normal virus is just as bad and others say it is far worse. It is hard to say what this is really about, but we guess time will tell. In the meantime we send our best energy and strength to those affected and wish yo all the best. May the gods protect you from evil.

Instead of panicking we here at Camper Iceland have decided to reach out to you with some interesting facts. The Icelandic name for the virus is Kór­ónu­veir­an COVID-19. In the Icelandic media the virus has become the most read news. So far we do not see that people are buying cans, water or in any other way prepping for Ragnarök (doomsday). So to speak Iceland is a safe place to be as always and usual.

Is it safe to travel to Iceland

Yes it is safe! So far we are not affected.

Why is our product the best choice

You have probably read that people in hotels or cruise ships were placed under quarantine. This cannot happen in a Motor Home or 4×4 Camper. In the unlikely event that one of our customers would get sick you will not be affected while traveling.

What do we do?

Safety first

We specialize in the rental of Motor Homes and Campers. All our camping kit equipment that you use during the trip is always removed from the car before your rental. It is cleaned in a dish washer and then returned into the camping kit. Even though we expect a clean vehicle when returned (unless the end cleaning has been booked) we always clean it ourselves. This is nothing new and has nothing to do with the virus out there. We consider this an absolute standard procedure for Camper Iceland!


We have equipped our reception and toilet with the proper chemicals to disinfect your hands.

What do we recommend

  • If you are afraid of getting infected while traveling to Iceland, buy a face mask and hand sterilizer. If you want to be 100% safe travel with rubber gloves.
  • If you notice that you feel sick before traveling go to a doctor to make sure not to bring the virus to Iceland.
  • Once you are in Iceland jump around and sing: “I am safe, I have reached the cleanest country where I can enjoy the purest water and cleanest air in the world.”

We hope you found our post useful and look forward to seeing you in Iceland. If anything changes we will post an update on the situation.

Be part of our family be Camper Iceland

If there is anything else we can do or if there is anything that you recommend we do please let us know. We are a family business, and we want you to feel safe and be one of the team.

What does Icelandair, our beloved Icelandic Airline advice?

Icelandair statement on the coronavirus (COVID-19)

What is Icelandair doing to contain the spread of the coronavirus?

We are working in cooperation with the Directorate of Health in Iceland and following its guidelines. We also work closely with MedAire, a leading provider of in-flight medical advice and assistance to commercial airlines.

At this stage, we are focusing on increased monitoring and providing our crews and passengers with information and guidelines. We have reviewed our processes and response plans and we have also taken the precaution of adding new equipment to our airplanes, such as antibacterial sprays, masks, and gloves.

At Icelandair, we continue to follow the situation closely and will update any new information on this page.

Advice on how to contain the spread of the virus

Travelers to and from Greater China

The Icelandic Directorate of Health has issued advice for travelers to and from Greater China and other high-risk regions, on how to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

General advice

The US Embassy in Iceland has details for travelers to Iceland.

The WHO (World Health Organization) offers general advice on effective ways for people to protect themselves against the coronavirus.

Cancellation and change policy

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), travelers to or from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau may cancel their flight and request a refund at any time, including after the flight has departed. These measures apply to flights departing before April 1, 2020.