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Before you proceed

Do you have your reservation number?

It starts with #KEF and then followed by numbers f.e. #KEF0000. You will only need the 4 numbers f.e. 0000.

Reservation Nr.

The module only accepts numbers not letters. Please enter the numbers from your booking confirmation. It starts like this:  #KEF followed by numbers. Still in doubt please continue reading:

Find it in your Inbox

Look for your booking confirmation in your email inbox. It should look something like this.

Find the E-Mail

Another solution is to look for the reservation confirmation E-Mail. You will also find the #KEF number there.






Only use the #KEF Number

If you made a quote or sent yourself an e-mail before actually booking your number might start with the letter Q or U. This is not the right number. Please look for the number that starts with #KEF.

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