Dear Customers

We are receiving E-Mails from concerned clients in regards to the WOW Air situation. As you might have read WOW Air stopped operating this morning. There will not be anymore WOW Air flights and nobody is taking over the flights. If you have booked a flight with WOW Air here is what we recommend that you do and do it quickly:

Did you book directly with WOW Air?

Call your Credit Card company or Bank and seek their assistance to get your money back because you will obviously not get the service as promised by WOW Air. Also check if you have some kind of insurance that would cover the loss if you cannot get the money back. Examples would be insurances provided by credit Card companies, third party and sometimes people even have travel insurances in a package deal they made with their insurance company. 

Did you book with a travel Agent?

The first step is to contact your travel agent and ask for a solution. A solution could be another flight is provided or you get the money back. Travel Agents should have received the letter from the Icelandic government (see below) and are also recommended to try to get the money back.

Do you wish to cancel the trip?

We recommend finding another flight to Iceland and to visit our beautiful country. Cancellations are always ich connected to some kind of cost that you might want to avoid. In regards to your booking with us nothing has changed. If you have a booking confirmation from us we are ready for you and look forward to greet you in Iceland. However if you should decide to cancel your whole trip please read our cancellation policy online:


The Icelandic Government just sent this statement:



Show solidarity in a difficult situation 
WOW AIR has discontinued operations and below provides important information for passengers and tour operators. In this difficult situation, the Icelandic Tourist Board wants to encourage tour operators to assist as far as possible with the travelers who encounter problems, help them to gather information and generally show their sensitivity and fairness in all respects. 

How do passengers get to their destination? 
If a passenger has purchased a single ticket, he must return home and at his own expense. Part of the government’s contingency plan is the activation of so-called liferafts where other airlines step in and offer passengers WOW who need to reach a lower fare fare. When this is written, the airlines Icelandair, Easyjet, Norwegian and Wizz air have offered such fares and more could be added. The duration of the bid varies between airlines, but the last day to book is 7 – 11. April, by airlines. 

Further information is available on the website of the Icelandic Transport Authority and they are updated as soon as possible. 

Legal Status of Passengers 
The legal status of a passenger varies depending on whether the flight is part of a package tour or whether a purchased air ticket has been purchased. 

Those who have purchased individual airline tickets and paid by debit or credit card are advised to contact their commercial bank or credit card company. Most financial companies have already published information on WOW’s stoppage of their web sites and what people should do. 

If a flight is part of a package tour, the seller of a package tour is responsible for bringing his passengers to their destination and back again. Those who have bought a package tour or are already on a package tour, and the part of the trip with WOW, should contact the package vendor for more information. 
Those who have bought a package tour directly from WOW-travel (a travel agency owned by WOW Air) can contact the Icelandic Tourist Board via the email address . 

The right seller package package 
The seller of a package tour, who must provide his / her passengers with another flight to fulfill his / her obligations, may have a general claim in an airline’s estate in case of its bankruptcy. If the seller of a package tour has purchased a part of the trip with a credit card, he can check his right with his payment card company. 

The Icelandic Tourist Board’s contingency plan 
The Icelandic Tourist Board has activated a contingency plan for the bankruptcy or operational stoppage of the package travel sellers and interconnected travel arrangements and the position of their customers. The plan covers the seller’s insurance obligations and, most of all, what those who have purchased a package tour of a company that goes bankrupt must do so in order to get a refund and generally for the treatment of cases when a company that has sold a package tour or interconnected travel arrangement goes bankrupt. Thus, the Icelandic Tourist Board will gather information on its travel, status and passengers, seek cooperation with airlines and decide on the carriage of passengers if applicable. 

Further information 
Further information can be found on the website of the Icelandic Tourist Boardand in the news on the website of the Icelandic Transport Authority which is updated as soon as possible. 

Information in English 
On the website of the Icelandic Transport Authority you will find information in English and they are updated as soon as new information is received.