Camper Iceland has the solution

Perhaps you heard that the Icelandic government changed the approach yet again. Once you land in Iceland you will take a COVID-19 test, then go to your accommodation ot Motor Home for 4-6 days, take another COVID-19 test and then you can travel in one of the most secure countries in the world. 

The Motor Home is suitable for quarantine

If you book a vehicle with a shower and toilet it may be used during quarantine instead of accommodation. Our vehicle tzpes with a shower: Motor Home 2, Motor Home 4, 5 and 6. Vehicles with no shower: 4×4 models and freedom camper. 

Because you need 5 more days, we give you 5 more days

During the “quarantine” you are allowed to take a walk / hike or run where few people are. You are also allowed to go for a drive. Needless to say you can use the quarantine days to get to know Iceland and the vehicle. Once you have done the second test and you are virus free you can go and travel around Iceland.  

Go to Iceland right now and get 5 days free

Make sure you type the promo code into the box: COVID

Check the pictures below how the booking module looks with and without the promo word. 


If you forget to enter the promo code COVID you will not get the discount. Make sure you enter the discount before pressing continue. 


The system automatically detects how much % discount it needs to give you to equal 5 days. Booking over 25 days get more discount than what equals 5 days. We hope to inspire you to stay longer. 

Minimum Rental days

In order to receive the discount you need to book 12 days or longer. 5 days quarantine and one week of traveling equals 12 days. 

If you book longer than 25 days the discount equals more than 5 days discount, we are hoping that we can inspire you to stay longer. 

We are testing this ourselves

We are not going to leave you hanging! Because we think traveling is still easy, affordable and Iceland has never had so few tourists, we are testing this ourselves. Our employee has traveled to Iceland, took the first COVID test, is staying in quarantine and will take the second test. If you are interested in his story, check it out:

Part 1/3

I am not afraid of traveling on the contrary. Going to Iceland during these strange times is an adventure and I look forward to seeing an empty country. How did I prepare, how did it go? Read my story and learn more..

Part 2/3

The quarantine time is a smart solution to  fight the virus in Iceland. Read about what happens after landing in Iceland. What you are allowed to do during the quarantine time. Check my tipps on what to do and how to act. 

Part 3/3

On the 27th I took the second COVID-19 test. I will tell you everything there is to know about this test and what happens after that. I plan to go to the closest sites to give you an idea of what to expect of Iceland.