Camper 4×4 Adventure

4CNCamper Iceland was the first company in Iceland to provide a hard side camper. our campers are renewed occasionally and the newest ones are from 2013. This category with the hard side camper has grown to be the most popular vehicle in our fleet. No more jacking up the roof, loosing screws or unbuckle. The hard side camper stands alone and is fully equipped. A 2 way gas stove, heating system, large queen size bed and a table that modifies to a third bed. Although the producer sells it for 4 persons we call it a 3 berth model. Of course we have had a total of 6 PAX renting this type. The seating capacity is 6 and the Ford or Dodge can easily handle it. A 4×4 camper is a perfect vehicle for people who want to be able to go into the highlands but due to its weight it should be driven carefully. The vehicle is very nice but should not been mistaken for a Fiat Ducato. The 4×4 is more something for rough, highland experienced drivers or first timers with a sense for it.

Make / Model Dodge Ram /Ford F 150
Maximum Age Vehicle 2004 – 2011, Camper 2011-2015
Transmission Automatic
Power steering Yes,
Petrol / Diesel Petrol
Cylinders/Cubic capacity 4800 (V8)
Fuel Capacity 110L
Consumption approx. 18 – 28L
Radio / Cassette / CD Radio / CD
Power train 4wd (4×4)
Dimensions approx.LengthWidthHeight 5.80m2.04m2.90m
CapacityAdults 3 – 4
Seat beltsDriver’s cabinMain Cabin 60
Baby seat capacity Yes,
Bed Dimensions approx.1st bed (m)2nd bed (m)3rd bed (m)4th bed (m) 1.90 x 1.231.80 x 1.00
Shower No,
Toilet No,
Freshwater tank 80L
Waste water tank 80L
Black water tank No
Hot & cold water supply Only cold
Gas stove Yes,
Gas bottle 1 x 9kg
Fridge / Freezer Yes,
Power Supply 12/220 Volt
Dual Battery Yes,